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Re: latency questions

forgot to say it's a 1.1 ghz pentium 3 with 1/2 meg of ram and win xp. -good huh?

can you give me an idea of what software and hardware interface you are using on a laptop that is that quick? you must have the buffer set really low, and if so, how many complicated plug ins can you run? and (forgive the multitude of questions) are you using the software in a mixer as an AUX or is your sound going thru the computer (more like an insert...)

i recently tried ableton live 5.01 on a friends G4 laptop (1GH, i think) with an m-audio firewire interface and the latency was in the 15-35 range, i'd guess. it was not in the acceptable for me range.


On Jan 12, 2006, at 1:09 PM, gareth.whitcock wrote:

20ms is no longer typical - laving aside the non- realtime os discussion of a few weeks ago 3-6ms is very achievable

on today's systems as well as impeccable sound quality. These figures are very acceptable to me. I love looking for and trying out

new vsts - it's fun! and I particularly like being able to add, say a compressor without adding any weight to my rig.

A word of warning though - try not to use your laptop on the net - there's so much crap out there - keep it clean and minimal..