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Re: Oberheim/Gibson Echoplex Synced together?

ive had troubles with this combination i ended up
selling the oberheim and buying a second gibson EDP
beige which also didint sync!now i have an EDP plus
black,but i still have to sync them when i go back to

--- Pseudo <pseudo@tiscali.it> wrote:

> Hi, I'm an Italian looper.
> I own a Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus.
> I would like to manage stereo loops with two
> echoplex at the end of  
> signal flow of my rack.
> At the moment I'm watching to buy an Oberheim
> Echoplex Digital Pro  
> upgraded to 198 secs of memory and Loop IV software
> (The same  
> features of the one I own).
> Do you think the could be synced with the
> Brother-Sync and MIDI  
> connection? Or they are totally different?
> The machine is used, how much do you think is its
> value?
> Please answer me as soon as possible, I could not
> have the chance  to  
> buy it anymore!
> Thanks
> Gaetano->Looper nick->Pseudo


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