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Re: Oberheim/Gibson Echoplex Synced together?

I was told about sync problems with two echoplex but I've listened to  
the new works of Rober Fripp who has two EDP plus in his "Solar  
Voyager 1" rack, it seems he has no problem at all (I know, we're  
talking about a Master Looper!).

Back to your experience: Did you mean, you had an EDP Plus before  
buying oberheim? Was it upgraded to the same feature of the EDP plus?  
And you had troubles? Ok, ok if it is so I have to dig somewhere else  
for a second EDP plus unit.
Can you help me to find it? here in Itay is impossible to find  
dealers and even users too.

Thanks and bye

Il giorno 13/gen/06, alle ore 18:17, Luis Angulo ha scritto:

> ive had troubles with this combination i ended up
> selling the oberheim and buying a second gibson EDP
> beige which also didint sync!now i have an EDP plus
> black,but i still have to sync them when i go back to
> europe.
> cheers
> Luis
> --- Pseudo <pseudo@tiscali.it> wrote:
>> Hi, I'm an Italian looper.
>> I own a Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus.
>> I would like to manage stereo loops with two
>> echoplex at the end of
>> signal flow of my rack.
>> At the moment I'm watching to buy an Oberheim
>> Echoplex Digital Pro
>> upgraded to 198 secs of memory and Loop IV software
>> (The same
>> features of the one I own).
>> Do you think the could be synced with the
>> Brother-Sync and MIDI
>> connection? Or they are totally different?
>> The machine is used, how much do you think is its
>> value?
>> Please answer me as soon as possible, I could not
>> have the chance  to
>> buy it anymore!
>> Thanks
>> Gaetano->Looper nick->Pseudo
> www.luis-angulo.com
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