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Re: new EH products

The box has been discussed on HCFX but not much info available yet.

"The 2880 Super Multi-Track Looper is 4 mono tracks and 1 stereo mix track 
with L+R in and outs.
It records at 44.1 kHz, 16-Bit. It stores Loops on a Flash Card.
You record the first loop length depending on the amount of memory on the 
flash card.
So once you set track one to be say 5 minutes all other loop tracks with 
5 minutes or less.
You can also record in reverse. Then you can mix and pan the four to the 
stereo 2 tracks.
Then record 4 new loops, save the whole thing to the Flash Card and take 
to your next gig.
It features Midi Clock, Tempo and Pitch change (1 octave up and down) 
headphone jack and
true bypass switching and an optional foot controller."
List price - $698, foot controller - $186. Street price probably around 

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i just resubscribed after a bit of time away from the list so if this
topic went around i'm sorry.

I got a new wholesale catalog from New Sensor/Electro Harmonix and
noticed that there is a couple of new products coming out in
Feb/March. Something called the 2880 Super Multi-Tracker Looper and a
HOG Guitar Synth.Both with optional footswitches.

Does anyone have any info about these?

thanks. it's good to be back.

Nick Schillace