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Re: EDP, Live, FCB1010 Question.

On 13 jan 2006, at 20.12, Chris Sewell wrote:

> Okay, so Im using a pair of EDPs, Live 5.0 on my laptop and a FCB1010
> to control the EDPs. I would like to control various functions of
> Live with the FCB as well. Its my understanding that Live accepts
> only note messages. Which is fine and its very easy to assign
> messages to Live. But I have the EDP's set up to accept Note messages
> as well. So I should switch the EDP's to accept CC messages instead
> correct? This of course makes sense, but I cant find any info on
> setting them up that way. For instance what value do give the CC
> messages? 64, 128?
> Anybody else use a similar system?
> Thanks

Yes. For a while I controlled both en EDP, a Repeater and a  
filterbank from one FCB1010. All you have to do is to set the devices  
to dedicated MIDI channels.

Live does not only accept MIDI note numbers. CC data or PC can also  
be used. Usuallly CC is used for stuff like sweeping Lives filter or  
other effect parameters from a MIDI expression pedal but even "on/ 
off" type of button function in Live can be controlled by CC. Then  
you have to make sure that one alternative ("on") goes with a low  
value and the other with a high value ("off").

Greetings from Sweden

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