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Re: Improv Looping Performance Streamed to Web Tonight!

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From: Charles Winters

> Bravo, Kris:  I listened in for most of it.  That live audio capability from a remote location is really cool.  I presume you used the coffeehouse wi-fi connection to the Shoutcast hosting service.  Youíll have to share with us a simple explanation of what you had to do technically to get connected to Shoutcast.  For the listener, it all ends up at a special web page with a link to winamp or iTunes software if you need it.  Simple, quick and effective.

Thanks, Charles. Yes, indeed, I used the coffehouse WI-FI and Shoutcast. Funny you should ask about the guidelines on how to do this. I posted something a while back on LD, but it wasn't that complete. I recently wrote up some more detailed instructions, which I have just posted here:  http://www.krispenhartung.com/webcast.htm

> If I understand it correctly, this means any of you live loopers who use a laptop in your act can do the same.  Iím going to try to broadcast Johnís performances that amount to 1 hour or more.  It might take a while, but Iím sure heíll go for it and I encourage the rest of you to find something similar and start broadcasting your shows to the planet. - CW

You are right, with a laptop, WI-FI at the venue, and $9 a month, just about anyone can stream their performances to the web. I wish more people in this list did this. I would definitely be listening in!
> Some observations about the music and the listening experience:

> I tuned in about 7:25 PST.  I listened in for the next 90 min or so, while I did some work on my home computer.
Sound quality of the music was excellent, I couldnít quite hear the voices in the crowd
The music styles varied from ambient and industrial to something more lively almost techno with regular beats and jazzy progressions.  Naturally, I prefer the more lively pieces.
The performing was top notch, with very few errors, about what youíd expect with the best Iíve heard.  You have nothing to apologize for in that dept.
Thank you. That means a lot to me. I don't feel so bad now. :)

> I especially liked a lively piece that started about 7:32 and ended about 7:45.  World class, IMO.
I wish I knew which song that was. I'll post the recordings, and maybe you can tell me. 

> The synchronization between you and the drummer was off more than you probably prefer, oh well.
Yup, I noticed that too...it bugged me. It is a challenge looping with percussionists who don't loop themselves, also a challenges looping with me, because amost all of my grooves are in odd time signatures, like 13/8, 7/8, 11/8, etc. I improvise them that way...that's just how my mind thinks now when I loop rhythmically. Odd, no pun intended!
> There was a microphone somewhere picking up crowd voices, including yours, in-between numbers.  Unfortunately, the volume was very low and you couldnít quite follow the conversations.  That would have been interesting, since most of it was dialog between you or the drummer and various fans in the audience.  Maybe there is a way to enhance that part of the show with a wireless lapel mic.
That's true. It was Vinnie's percussion microphones. Now that you mention it, mabye I'll add an ambient mic in the venues I play from now on. Good observation!
> FYI:  Johnís music is at http://www.johnwinters.biz/listen.htm
Excellent stuff. I recommend everyone check this out.

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From: Kris Hartung
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 10:32 PM
Subject: Re: Improv Looping Performance Streamed to Web Tonight!

I saw a handful of people on my webstream tonight. Thank you to anyone on the list that was listening in.  However, I have to apologize for such an unbelievably atrocious performance. [sigh]  I would be surprised if 10% of that 2 hour gig was worth listening to now. I tried a lot of stupid things that completely botched my groove and attitude...like putting heavy gauge strings on my acoustic and tuning it down a whole third - low string to C. What a freakin' nightmare....feedback, uncontrollable low end, weird overtones, etc, etc. It sounded good through headphones and with just the acoustic with nothing else....not so good through the PA without having tested it first.. And then I discovered with 15 minutes left of the night that my soundcard was configured incorrectly, and I was getting a pass-through signal on all of my VST effects. So nothing sounded like it was supposed to sound. There were a few moments were we got really experimental and it was fun...but they were fleeting.