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EDP and StylusRMX

I was playing around with the Spectrasonics StylusRMX program- what very
cool percussion loops! In Mackie's Tracktion, I was able to sync up 
to my EDP, which was way cool. It has one big shortcoming (I think). I 
the only way to record these loops (EDP + Stylus combined) is to first set
up a rhythm pattern in StylusRMX, drag the midi file over to a track in the
sequencer, hit record on the sequencer, let the EDP sync up, and begin
building rhythmic loops. 

Problem with this, is that you'd have to pre-plan what measure these
StylusRMX loops are in, as there is no way to, say, record some free improv
looping on the EDP, then start Stylus, have the EDP sync up, and record the
whole thing. 

I thought about just inserting the midi files at measure 500 or so, which
would allow me a few minutes of free looping before the drums kick in. But
this does 2 things...it forces me to choose a tempo for the loops, and it
forces me to choose beforehand how many measures the drums will continue

Also, since this is my first foray into midi sync, I have a question: If I
have an existing loop, say, 13 seconds, and the EDP gets a sync signal, it
should truncate the loop to fit the new tempo, right? Because this isn't
happening. If I start with an empty loop, the EDP finds the sync pulse, and
syncs (2.6 secs at 90bpm), and then I can add bass lines, etc and 
is perfect. But if I have an existing loop, it keeps on playing and ignores
any sync pulse. Yes, the sequencer starts, but the EDP keeps playing 
lining up the loop...maybe I don't quite have this understood yet. 

Dave Eichenberger