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Re: EDP and StylusRMX

On 16 jan 2006, at 05.48, hazard factor wrote:

> Problem with this, is that you'd have to pre-plan what measure these
> StylusRMX loops are in, as there is no way to, say, record some  
> free improv
> looping on the EDP, then start Stylus, have the EDP sync up, and  
> record the
> whole thing.

You should really try doing it the other way around: Playing the EDP  
and sync RMX to the EDP MIDI Clock. I guess you would not want to go  
back if you tried it ;-)  Also, by using MIDI sequences you limit the  
RMX quite a lot. Try to run it in MIDI Mode "Groove" (instead of  
"Slice") and map some MIDI faders, pedals or whatever to critical RMX  
function. That way you can "play" it in realtime as you loop with the  

>  But if I have an existing loop, it keeps on playing and ignores
> any sync pulse. Yes, the sequencer starts, but the EDP keeps  
> playing without
> lining up the loop...maybe I don't quite have this understood yet.

Of course! You are running the EDP as he sync slave and it can not  
change an already recorded loop. What I do in such a situation is to  
record a new loop with the action Record-->Record (sometimes  
Multiply-->Record). This will tell the EDP the new tempo and it will  
then stay in sync.

Greetings from Sweden

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