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Re: Zoe tour sighting...ImogenHeap++++

 in the nytimes 'pop music review' for 1/13/05 from the Avalon
'With her Synthesizer, She Mesmerizes'
this part is after my own heart:
...But when Ms. Heap left the acoustic world behind for her synthesizer
bank, strung as it was w/ plastic flowers and christmas lights, she was
mesmerizing. Despite serious technical glitches that plagued her thru out
the show (the audience got to know her technician by name), songs like the
acrobatic "loose ends" and "headlock", the latter rounded out by the cello
of her opener, ZoeKeating, allowed her to dispense w/ schtick and enjoy the
play of her ominously breathy, intermittently percussive voice against her
lush soundscapes..." - Laura Sinagra
too bad Zoe cant bring her along to Y2K6-that would ROOL...

on 1/11/06 6:13 AM, Zoe Keating at cello@zoekeating.com wrote:
> yup....
> ...she'll be on tonight though...
> On Jan 11, 2006, at 12:49 AM, stanitarium wrote:
>> Damn, waitin fer ms.Heap on Letterman and she gets bumped for some
>> idiotic
>> skit...iz that why they call tv a 'vast wasteland'?
>> hope to catch you guys @ GAMH :-)
>> breakaleg
>> seeya
>> staninsanfran
>> on 1/10/06 7:13 AM, Zoe Keating at cello@zoekeating.com wrote:
>>> p.s. my tour with Imogen Heap starts tomorrow. In addition to opening
>>> the show, I'm doing a few songs with her as well. And, relevant to
>>> LD...together we'll be a 3 RPTR + Ableton Live act!! Anyway, she's on
>>> Letterman tonight if you want to check her out.
>>> Come see us!
>>> Jan 11th: New York, NY - Avalon (old Limelight)
>>> Jan 12th: Toronto, ON - El Mocambo
>>> Jan 13th: Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
>>> Jan 14th: Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of Living Arts
>>> Jan 15th: Baltimore, MD - Recher Theatre
>>> Jan 17th: Chicago, IL - Schubas Tavern
>>> Jan 18th: Detroit, MI - Magic Bag
>>> Jan 23rd: San Diego, CA - House Of Blues
>>> Jan 24th: Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre
>>> Jan 26th: San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
>>> Jan 28th: Portland, OR - Dante's
>>> Jan 29th: Seattle, WA - Neumo's
>>> Feb 7th: London, UK - The Scala