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Re: Improv Looping Performance Streamed to Web Tonight!

Thanks, Charles.
I definitely understand the "flatness" of the first parts of each piece. I have a personal theory that explains that, which is that when I do both spontaneous composition or free improv (in the strict sense of the approach) and real-time looping, it tends to take a while for me to develop the piece into something that has an identify. The identity is a work in progress or living event in this regard. What you hear in the beginning does not necessarily define the piece as a whole, but is just the planting of a few seeds of creativity.  Looping in this improv spirit, for me, is sometimes like painting an abstract landscape. I begin with some back wash, a few layers of paint to set the context, and eventually as I start building up the depth and texture of the painting, details start to appear that pull the whole thing together into a cohesive whole that hopefully satisfies the artist's vision. And of course, doing this with an audience adds a whole new element to the work.
Next Thursday, I perform free and structured improv/real-time looping for the first time at a popular Boise club. It is just me and a percussionist, who will have both an electronic and acoustic set at the gig. That should be interesting.
Perhaps I could create new versions of these clips that fade in after they have time to develop. I've done that before when it took me too long to find my creative pathways....such is the challenge when you are trying really hard to spontaneously create something completely fresh and new in the spur of the moment, not relying on your past clichés, favorite phrases and licks, etc. I play something, pause, and think to myself...what did I just do? Did I just unconsciously re-use something from my memory of a past performance? Is that innovative? Yes, no, yes...keep pushing, try again, succeed, fail, succeed. It's a big experiment. I figure if I don't fail on occasion, then I'm not trying hard enough...not truly pushing the limits. 
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Sent: Monday, January 16, 2006 6:05 PM
Subject: Re: Improv Looping Performance Streamed to Web Tonight!

K:  I finished work early and had time to listen to your clips.  You didn't include the one I liked best from the live performance, no 5, but that's OK.   Here are my impressions from the ones below:
01 - flat for the first 6:30 min, then gets real interesting with percussion and very fancy guitar work.  I imagine your audience got a kick out of seeing that.
02 - again, flat for the first 3 min, then more great guitar playing through to the end, at a minimalist tempo
04 - no comment
06 - gets interesting after 5:30 min with cool bass sounds, dark and moody but very good.
It's hard to produce music of this caliber in real time.  When the equipment is set up correctly, the performance can also be visually interesting for the audience.  Throw in a percussionist and you have a dynamite show.  Not sure how many coffeeshop crowds would appreciate it, but so what.  Good work, Kris, you should be proud.  - CW
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Subject: Re: Improv Looping Performance Streamed to Web Tonight!

I salvaged some clips from this performance, which are more in the ambient, dark, noise, experimental, etc category....or something like that...I have no clue anymore.  I've described them along with the download/stream links below. My biggest complement of the night was from some chess players across the room, who said the music was great for the game. I guess the technological problem and the awkwardness of my new guitar tuning forced me into a new flow of creativity....most of this is very moody, probably depressing to some people. It could be good for some creepy sci-fi flick or curling up on the sofa and reading some H.P. Lovecraft....the Creeping Unknown. I think I was possessed by the spirit of Lovecraft!
Acoustic guitar (tuned down a 3rd) with two EDPs and various VST effects; cajon, conga, various percussion in the mix as well; there is a lot of open space in this piece, which is what I like about...allows you to think and feel in between the sound; it take a while to develop, so be patient with the evolution;  I am looping, of course, but the length of the loop is relatively long, so that you don't hear the repetition immediately; I switch to half speed and reverse toward the end, overdub, then back to normal speed; the acoustic guitar tuned down to C is hard to control here, but the deepness is intense
This one is just me without Vinnie on percussion...same acoustic guitar setup as above; some ambient noise mixed in here; you can hear the pounding of the express maker at 1:53; the guitar tuned down like this has a interesting effect...some of the tones almost sound animal-like...then I kick into double-speed...here come the insects, bees, flies, etc; then some startling slices of the Sun Ra VST plugin, which I start to interact with toward the end, call and response
Starts with looping the chimes, then reversing them; lots of other natural percussion devices in here from Vinnie; I come in with my signature guitar synth tone about 2:57, but the patch is too damn loud, which again forces me into an uncomfortable zone and impacts my playing in an unpredictable way; 3:47...didjeridu comes into the loop; 7:06...the entire soundscape drops down to half speed...good grief, the didj sound sinister this way! Sounds like some horrific monster lurking in the depths; 8:31...Vinnie starts talking, breathing, and groaning into the didjeridu like a tortured and haunted soul down under; 11:00 fade out...new movement...Vinnie inhaling and exhaling into the didjeridu, as if meditating...into a deep sleep....me descending down, down, down....12:52 comes the computer ambient noise, and Vinnie doing more weird vocal work into his didjeridu over the top of the prior looped section; Vinnie starts scratching the mic with his finger; I'm still descending, and then playing abstract melodies and runs....we fade out
More dark obscurity like the above...at this point, I am bored with my own bitterness and frustration with the evening; nonetheless, the piece keeps flowing into a deep, rumbling end.
My impression of the night changed after listening to these clips...I believe it was the other songs that were more mainstream and rhythmic sounding that disappointed me the most. My reaction was to adapt and move to the extreme with the above. I should try generating uncomfortable situations more often when I play! :)
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If you give me a few days, I'll add screen shots to the URL below, which will make it easier to view the settings, etc.

>Thanks, Charles. Yes, indeed, I used the coffehouse WI-FI and Shoutcast. Funny you should ask about the guidelines on how to do this. I posted something a while back on LD, but it wasn't that complete. I recently wrote up some more detailed instructions, which I have just posted here:  http://www.krispenhartung.com/webcast.htm