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Re: Continuum Looping at NAMM

Thats a really interesting controller, in fact one of the most 
interesting things I have seen in a while
wish I was going to be there to try it.

On 17 Jan 2006, at 02:21, Mark Smart wrote:

> Hi all.
> I've already mentioned this, but here it is again anyway! I will be
> demonstrating the Continuum Fingerboard at NAMM again this year at 
> booth 1000:
> http://www.hakenaudio.com/Continuum/
> I'll be using the Continuum to drive an Open Labs NeKo running Ableton 
> Live and
> Reaktor for doing bass, synth and horn sounds. Come by and check it 
> out if you
> feel like it.
> For a sample, check out the "Legato Sax" example:
> http://www.marksmart.net/instruments/continuum/continuum.html
> I plan to go by and check out the Looperlative for sure. And maybe the 
> new Akai
> EWI, and maybe this very cool thing I played last year:
> http://www.bowedguitar.com/
> And maybe I'll go by and look at (but not play) the $15,000 banjos 
> made by these
> guys:
> http://www.omebanjos.com/
> Their hummingbird banjo is probably the most beautiful instrument I've 
> ever
> seen. Unbelieveable. But I'd be afraid to play it.
> http://www.omebanjos.com/grandartistgallery.html
> Mark Smart
> http://www.marksmart.net/