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2 Days of Loop Performance Recording Madness

It's been a good two days of loop music recording here in Boise, Idaho for
me and one of my free-improv collaborators, Jarod Hallock, who plays the
electronic drumset, acoustic drum set, and marimba.  Friday night, an
interesting phenomenon occured, which I suppose happens when a looper like
myself, after playing couped up in coffehops for three years, gets hurled
into a major night club in downtown Boise.  We played two hours of complete
free-improv madness. The first set was very electronic, ambient, & 
orientated...two songs in 45 minutes! On the second set, Jarod hopped on 
small jazz acoustic set and we played free jazz fusion...the first piece 
spontaneous. The second was a loose interpretation of one of my favorite 
tunes, "Alice in Wonderland." Jarod played like a freakin' savage...I've
never played with a drumer like this in Boise. He can play free jazz like a
real champ. We blew each others' minds. It's totally fun when you play with
someone in a context like that for the first time with no prior rehearsals.

Anway, below is the smallest clip of our performance. I'm pretty much a
lunatic on this one....doing all sorts of improv and insane stuff with my
voice, etc. I'm surprised there weren't men in white coats waiting for me 
the door after this one. :) I wonder myself whether it was really me up
there, or if I was possessed by sinister yet humorous aliens.

Set 1, Session 2 - http://box.net/public/khartung/files/2140414.html

And below is a short excerpt of the second more free jazz fusion set.
Unfortunately, Jarod's drumset was not going through my board, only to the
main PA board, so you can't hear the drums very well. I had to set my vocal
mic next to his set to capture some of it.

Set 2, Session 1 - http://box.net/public/khartung/files/2140008.html

Then the day after, today, Jarod and I had a 3 hour recording session for 
CD that we should have out in a month or two. This was the first time I
played with a marimba player in an free-improv, experimental, and
avant-garde music context....very interesting, marimba and guitar. I
won't be sharing any of  that until it's on CD. Hah hah.



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