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Re: 2 Days of Loop Performance Recording Madness

Nice work, Kris.  The long track, (2140414) is the better number , IMO.  
percussion and voices really make it shine.  You should include it in your 
collaboration album.  Maybe you can post a video of one of these shows.

BTW, please tell us about the venue and crowd.  How many fans present, 
was their reaction to the aforementioned piece?  You don't usually think 
Boise as being an avant garde kind of town, but apparently there is 
something going on there. - CW

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From: "Kris Hartung" <khartung@cableone.net>
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Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 10:08 PM
Subject: 2 Days of Loop Performance Recording Madness

> It's been a good two days of loop music recording here in Boise, Idaho 
> me and one of my free-improv collaborators, Jarod Hallock, who plays the
> electronic drumset, acoustic drum set, and marimba.  Friday night, an
> interesting phenomenon occured, which I suppose happens when a looper 
> myself, after playing couped up in coffehops for three years, gets hurled
> into a major night club in downtown Boise.  We played two hours of 
> complete
> free-improv madness. The first set was very electronic, ambient, & 
> industrial
> orientated...two songs in 45 minutes! On the second set, Jarod hopped on 
> his
> small jazz acoustic set and we played free jazz fusion...the first piece 
> was
> spontaneous. The second was a loose interpretation of one of my favorite 
> jazz
> tunes, "Alice in Wonderland."