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Re: best distortion plug

A quick search at KVR turned up this list of free OS X AU plug-ins:
Audio Damage    FuzzPlus        Distortion / Overdrive / Amp    Free
LUXONIX         LFX-1310        Multi FX        Free
mda     Combo   Distortion / Overdrive / Amp    Free
Smart Electronix        Cyanide         Wave Shaper     Free (Donationware)
Smart Electronix        DFX Polarizer   Lo Fi   Free
Sound Consulting        Bad Cable       FSU     Free
Sound Consulting        Overflow        Distortion / Overdrive / Amp    
TriTone Digital         ColorTone       EQ      Free / $129

Only one I've tried is LFX-1310 which isn't a bad multi-fx box.
Definitely worth the download.

On 1/21/06, 3nki <3nki@modaldub.net> wrote:
> wow, thnx for the responses! i'm checking these out now... one thing
> i should have mentioned is that i am running OS X, so i guess an AU
> version would be best. many of the free ones seem to be Windows-only
> VST. i could go for a commercial one too, but i was struck by how
> many free ones there are. unfortunately it's tough to try out them
> out when i'm on OS X! well, i'll keep looking and see if i can find a
> few OS X ones to try out.. and of course will post my thoughts ;)
> -3nki

Art Simon