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best distortion plug - multi-fx plugs

> Only one I've tried is LFX-1310 which isn't a bad multi-fx box.
> Definitely worth the download.

Yikes, you can say that. When I asked for a multi-fx VST for Windows that 
easy on the CPU a few weeks ago, this was the thing I was looking for all
along ;).

To keep with the distortion discussion: From the plugins you mentioned, I 
remember the Cyanide. This is a distortion where you can draw your wanted
dynamic I/O curve on the screen, and get an additional HP/LP filter 
each. With this one, you can get a great variety of different
distortion/fuzz/overdrive sounds, if you know what you're doing (meaning: 
you know how the clipping of a Ge diode has an effect on the I/O
characteristic etc.).

Two other devices I'd like to mention (although I don't know whether 
available for Mac) are Buz and OctoBuz, both by buzzroom (www.x-buz.com, 
does no longer support them). Buz is a distortion, OctBuz a combined +/-1
octaver/distortion. No fancy stuff - just plain stompbox-style distortion.
Couldn't find anything about in on the page, but I believe it's windows