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Re: Oberheim/Gibson Echoplex Synced together?

At 01:57 PM 1/13/2006, David Kirkdorffer wrote:
>I am an owner of an Oberheim EDP and newer beige Gibson EDPs.
>With the previous Loop III software, I had a Oberheim EDP and a Gibson EDP
>connected together to make a stereo pair and I experienced no
>synchronization issues at all.
>However, when I upgraded my EDPs to the latest Loop IV software, I
>experienced synchronization problems between the Oberheim and Gibson 

This really doesn't make any sense. The sync used for stereo is done by a 
hardware circuit, not software. It is hard to understand how it could be 
possible for such a sync problem to develop just by upgrading the software 
to LoopIV.

I think it must be that your units had some problem with sync before that 
you didn't notice, or you are doing something different now that is 
some other problem. Upgrading to LoopIV seems like the least likely reason.

>I learned from reading Loopers-Delight that the older Oberheim and the 
>beige Gibson models can have synchronization problems because of 
>in the "crystals" they each use.

Not exactly. There were some sloppy manufacturing runs in the distant past 
where the clock crystals used were the wrong tolerance spec. Oftentimes 
they still work fine for sync, but there have been some occasions where 
those units had problems. It is easy to fix if you are willing to have the 
service done. (or you can do it yourself if you have the soldering skills.

All the new black EDP Plus units use very tight tolerance crystals, better 
than the original spec. These units are very well made and the sync works 


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