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RE: EDP and StylusRMX

 So, if StartSong commands just start the sequencer, and the following
frequncies of the midi clock determines the tempo- with Sonar as slave, the
tempo should change as it receives new tempo information as I mess with the
loop, no? 
I am trying to figure out new ways to work with my EDP, and getting a 
on the sequencer/EDP relationship is a huge part. I got the 'EDP as Slave'
thing figured out, but acting as the master has been a bit difficult. I 
tried so far in Tracktion as well as Sonar.

Dave Eichenberger

> >Does StartSong contain tempo
> >info, or does it just, um, start the sequencer?
> MIDI StartSong command means "start the sequencer at the next 
> MIDI clock command". It doesn't have any tempo info. Tempo is 
> then defined by the frequency of the following MIDI clock commands.
> You might also find the various ReAlign and Tempo type 
> commands in LoopIV interesting. Many of them were designed 
> just for working with sequencers like you are doing.