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iKey recording interface impressions

Here are my impressions of the "ikey" usb recording interface/ device 
that was a list subject a couple weeks back. Been working with it for 2 
wks. now and it really is a fantastic little device.  Won't go into the 
specs - they're clearly published on the Gemini iKey site - but will 
say it does everything as advertised - One caveat would be that I 
haven't used it with an "iPod" because I don't own one.  Instead I 
record to a SanDisk 1GB "Cruzer Mini" usb storage device (no driver 
necessary - the iKey won't record to devices that need a driver).  
Input is stereo out from my "Ultrasound" acoustic amp into the "Ikey".  
After recording, remove "Cruzer" from "iKey", plug it into my "iMac", 
open the folder that shows up on the desktop, and drag the .wav (or mp3 
if recorded in that format) to "Peak" (Bias audio editing/ mastering 
program) or editing program of your choice.  Edit/ save at will, erase 
(drag to trash and empty) the "Cruzer" file and back to the "ikey" for 
more recording.  No moving parts - no fuss. Total cost with storage 
device - under $200.  This was under the price for a decent MiniDisk 
recorder which I was originally considering for "reference" recording 
of gigs. Highly recommended  - Paul