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Zoom G2 - first impressions

in a word:
in a few:
well, as far as using it for the 5 second delay, it's fine. that and the 
three separate delays that can be used simultaneously make it worth the 
the programmable input for expression pedal/footswitch is nice too, but 
you can't control, say tap tempo and feedback at the same time. it's 
either one or the other. you can however, program the input for each 
patch- ie: footswitch w/tap tempo on one patch, expression pedal w/wah 
on the next. you'd have to use a splitter cable to have both expression 
pedal and footswitch connected at the same time.
the intelligent pitch shifter was fun to play with, but i didn't think 
the quality of the shifted note was very good. similar to the boss pitch 
shifter/delay pedal. the virtual note trying to be a real note. there's 
that ring mod type of sound to it that, in my mind, corrupts the purity 
of the interval. with 5ths and 4ths it's okay and i used to use those 
settings alot, but i got over it. i'm sure it would appeal to some tho'.
it's very quiet and crisp and clean. too clean. burnt nostrils smell 
turpentine. i feel like i am playing in a white room and i want it 
painted black. and to track mud on the white carpet.
i absolutely hate every distortion preset. they are devoid of dynamics.
here is some possible logic behind such emotional bursting:
- i use a musicman amp
- i use a chandler tube driver
- and an ibanez pue5 tube, and flatwounds, old maestro phaser, stuff 
like that.
mmmm like buhddah like buddah. fat and squishy sleeping under a tree. 
with buhddahflies flitting in the summah sky. ahhh.
even my other digital fx(digitech s200,art multiverb3) seem warmer than 
the g2.
but i am old.
and don't care much for crispy high frequencies anymore. one too many 
cymbal shots in the left unplugged ear.
my biggest beef with the g2 is that it is one major tone sucker. there 
is a night and day difference between sending a signal through it and 
not. after all is said and crapped on, bear in mind these are first 
impressions. i haven't done any routing in combination with my other fx. 
i haven't done much programming other than removing everything exept the 
delays. i feel i know enough to know that i would have to re-program all 
the user banks(which one would likely do anyway), and all the presets 
save one or two would be useless to me. i've returned the g2 and put the 
money toward a dd-20. i'm happy with my other fx - i really just wanted 
a cheap way to get into looping and another $100 for a dd-20 will give 
me so much more than the g2 offers on it's own, as far as looping goes. 
if i already had a dd-20, i'd probably have kept the g2 and programmed 
it specifically for it's 3 delays.
i've been on this list for over 4 years and am just now finally getting 
a looper. do i win some kind of a prize for the longest delay?
this is an awesome community here and even though i don't post much i 
feel no less a part of it than the frequent posters. philosophical 
rants, marketing strategies, gear pricewatching, recording techniques, 
meet you for coffee...off topic is on topic, for the most part. it's a 
good thing. put's the deli in looper's delight. one world. many 
sausages. pretty much anything can have a bearing on any other thing. 
the diversity here is what makes it thrive. and you're all just so darn 
nice to each other. not at all like that rabbly circuitbenders list. hey 
it's great over there too, just, well...y'know...why do i have monty 
python's roving grannies gang in my head all of a sudden...and now 
tesla...now bizzarro superman...value village...orc baby with hot solder 
dripping from fangs...
geez i'm goin' to bed,