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Re: OT: multi-effects

I checked them all out at one point because I was
tired of having a MIDI control pedal that was as big
as something that actually made the sounds, and I came
upon the Vox Tonelab SE.  It's the closest thing I've
ever found to something that feels like a bunch of
cool stompboxes hooked up to a tube amp.  I recommend
just taking the time and reading all the reviews
regardless of rank.  Its fun and you'll learn about
the gear and human nature.


--- ditch wrestler <ditchwrestler@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I'm interested in getting my hands on a
> multi-effects pedal.  I've gone through Harmony
> Central but I'm frustrated because I couldn't sort
> the reviews by the overall ranking.
>   Anybody know of a decent and reputable website
> that has that feature?
>   ted harms.
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