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Re: Boss RC-50

have you ever seen the movie HENRY"portrait of a serial killer"?now that will make ya queasy...i was vegan for a month...

Kelly Coyle <kellycoyle@charter.net> wrote:
Dear Mark:

Most loopers just want backing tracks so they don't have to make
friends with other musicians. It's kind of like filming yourself so
you can watch it while you masturbate.

Now I've gone and made myself queasy. Thanks a bunch, guy.

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On Jan 26, 2006, at 12:26 PM, mark sottilaro wrote:

> I tell ya, I've seen some pretty interesting
> mastrubation in my day... though that was definately
> not it.
> Also, that is so standard Roland demo, I'm surprised
> you expected any different.
> On the subject of the device itself, it's one feature
> way from being a desireable device: Loop feedback
> control The end. Why can't they comprehend this over
> at Roland?
> Mark

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