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RE: Looperlative demo online...

 Ah yes, the boutique pedal principle as applied to DSP. Build a high
quality product with features based on real world musician's needs, and 
it sound as good as possible to keep the audiophiles happy, and make the
architecture deep and flexible to satisfy the tweekers.  Regarding price,
sure there will be people who balk at what He is asking, just like people
get sticker shock at the cost of fine handmade guitars, and amps. You can't
have champagne on a Beer budget, not in the hand made world. I'm  so glad
Bob is taking this approach rather than have some huge corporation swallow
up his idea and regurgitate in dumbed down form, cheapen its components to
satisfy the bean counters..etc.
Well done Bob

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> how is
> Bob financing all of this being a one man company???

I have paid for all of the development out of my own pocket.  I owe nothing
to anybody.  For this reason, I can sell small quantities and it is still
worth it to me.  Larger companies have investors and employees to deal
with.  For that reason, there is a minimum number of units that need to be
sold each month to keep them viable.  I don't have this requirement.