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Re: Looperlative Too Expensive?

As someone who's made a conserted effort to replace
external gear with software I have to say that in my
findings a good enough laptop and audio interface
hardware to run a decent looper will easily cost you
$1400 (USB isn't fast enough, you'll need USB2 or
Firewire and you'll need a gig of memory and a 7200
rpm hard drive too)

and guess what?  It won't hold a candle to what an EDP
or Repeater can do... probably not be able to keep up
with a Boss RC-50.  Kim's gone on about why this isn't
possible (Windows isn't a "real time" OS and I believe
the Mac OS is better but still not that great) 

So while my trusty computer does a great job being my
drum machine, effects processor and synth (though not
all at the same time) I've never found the
feature/feel combo in looping software, although
Augustusloop is mighty fun in a pinch.  It's not going
to replace my hardware any time soon, just as my soft
synths aren't going to replace my Virus.  They just
don't pack the same power.


--- Todd Pafford <calenlas@gmail.com> wrote:

> Yeah, I was really excited about the Looperlative
> too until I saw the
> price.  There are a lot of things I'd rather spend
> that sort of money
> on.  And you're right, Kevin, a laptop definitely
> falls in that
> category.
> Best of luck to Bob & the Looperlative, but I've got
> to count myself
> out of this one.
> Todd
> On 1/26/06, Kevin <kevin@thenettles.com> wrote:
> > Sorry, a newbie's mistake, I should have looked in
> the archives first
> > before asking about the Looperlative LP1.
> >
> > I seriously wonder about the price point on the
> LP1.  $1400 direct
> > from Looperlative.  At that price a laptop with a
> 1/4" to USB cable
> > and a software looper starts looking pretty good. 
> The LP1 won't do
> > amp simulations and it won't help me answer email
> either. ;-)
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Kevin
> > www.TheNettles.com
> >
> >

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