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Zoom G2 - second impressions

Well different folks and all that.
I really like the sound of this pedal.
I use clean sounds anmost exclusively and this givs a transparency that i 
adore having played through so many noisy units over the years - the sound 
of my instrument comes through clearly - its like seeing the moon through 
clear window instead of a dirty one.
but each to his own


> Yo Shane!
>    Good writing! Do more!
>    I am of the same mind about the Zoom G2. It was sent to me for a
> potential review that never happened, and I plugged it in maybe twice 
> 15
> minutes at a time, and it just didn't engage me. You articulated that
> disengagement very, very well.
>    On the other hand, I think you'll love the DD-20. When you can afford
> it, buy two, and you'll haave four channels of deep looping for under 
> $400.
>    Welcome to the community.
> dB, coyote