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Hi luis, and all...

I've  been using two of these setups for about 4 months now for my own
looping rig after having experienced them up close and personal while
playing with todd rundgren this summer.

They smoke.  Period, end of story.  As rick says, better for line level
folks, one of which I am, but really all in all, it solves a bunch of
problems and I have a better and clearer sound than I ever have had.

I do run it in stereo, mono with only one is much less pleasant, and from
the audience, it solves the problem of seeing the performer in the center
and hearing the sound from the sides.  The sound actually appears to come
from the performer.  Now THAT'S innovation in  sound.  Whether you're using
a big system with support, or filling up the room with only the bose, this
phenomenon occurs, finally integrating everything in the room.

I know it sounds like I represent the company, but I don't.

Can't wait to try it with a looperlative, but right now I use it with a
laptop rig and an orville.

All best,


On 1/27/06 2:17 AM, "Luis Angulo" <labalou2000@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Gangsters,
> dont know if this has been brought up but since we are
> always bring up the subject of too much carrying
> gear,bad monitor mix,back pain issues and other
> musicians illnesses i just came across this PA system
> which would be quite suitable for solo artists like a
> lot of us loopers, but it sounds too good to be
> true!is anybody playing through one of these or had a
> chance to audition one in a live band situation?
> please watch every video anyway, they are very
> interesting and informative whether this system is
> good or not!
> cheers
> Luis
> --- Suit & Tie Guy <erwill@suitandtieguy.com> wrote:
>> On Jan 26, 2006, at 8:12 PM, Ronan Chris Murphy
>> wrote:
>>> $1400 is ... way less than a lot of Eventide boxes
>> about 1/3 the cost of the new H7600. with the
>> Eventide you have to set
>> up your own looping patch if you have some real
>> specific shit to do,
>> though i'm sure Italo's looping presets are great
>> (probably even what
>> Bob Fripp is using right now). with the Looperlative
>> you have to set up
>> your own interface, whereas in the Eventide you can
>> have a few controls
>> you prefer immediately on the front.
>> the Looperlative does things which are really tricky
>> in the Eventide,
>> like half speed, reverse, etc ... however the
>> Eventide will let you do
>> really crazy shit like put pitch or frequency shift
>> in the feedback 
>> loop which you can't do with the Looperlative
>> (because it lacks the FX
>> loop i think it should have).
>> different tools for different jobs. i'm still a
>> little up in the air,
>> if Eventide had more specific looping algorithms i
>> probably would have
>> stronger feelings one way or the other.
>> i can't afford this for awhile so it doesn't really
>> matter for me right
>> now. however a comparison of pricey looping
>> solutions without actually
>> bitching about the money part is always fascinating.
>> maybe others here
>> have some things to say about it.
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>> Eric Williamson
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> www.luis-angulo.com
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