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Re: Looperlative Too Expensive?

Come on the looperlative isn't too expensive it looks worth the 
price..... its just that we wish it was cheaper so we could buy it 
without worrying about money.
The price is fair.

It would be very nice if you could get a cut down version that had say 
4 loops max only a stereo output etc. but I imagine that that wouldn't 
make commercial sense and would cost almost as much. I personally don't 
feel the need for eight loops.

I personally wouldn't buy a looperlative at the moment because it 
doesn't have the features i want. In fact what it has at the moment 
looks quite basic to me compared to an EDP if you remove the eight 
track capability... however i can see that it has huge potential.

It doesn't have the insert functions which I personally find the most 
interesting part of looping I have said before that I think what Andre 
is doing is very structurally innovative, I think it was interesting 
that steve's demo had the sort of backing track idea with loops over 
the top i.e. record something play over it and play more over it. I 
personally don't like that musical structure (no disrespect to those 
that do) and so until the looperlative gets more features it doesn't 
interest me. Also I never enjoyed the EDPs button menu structure and 
the looperlative seems to have a similar one. I.e. as more parameters 
are added they will have to be accessed via that minimal user 
interface, that would drive me nuts. A scroll wheel and a few buttons 
thats in some ways actually worse than a mouse.

I like the way the boss rc-50 has clearly labeled buttons and knobs, So 
ergonomically it looks nice. The sync on/off is one button away etc. 
which makes it very quick and shouldn't disrupt your musical 
concerntration. Thats why the Dl-4 is so nice, it might be limited but 
ergonomically its so nice. Its so much fun.

So I would very much still like a hardware looper as I prefer not to 
look as a computer screen but I am not tempted yet.
the boss has many wonderfull things about it, nice user interface, 
flash card support to save files, what appears to be good ergonomics, 3 
tracks (more than enough for me) but not quite the looping essentials 
such as feedback etc.

The looperlative looks promising but doesn't really do too much at the 
moment in terms of loop functions....
and as far as I am aware and I hope I get some of this wrong, has no 
way to store you loops? has no insert functions? the dial push button 
interface looks cumbersome.
But I am hoping that all these things come soon... However I don't 
understand why the one dial/push button interface????

Whats the UK price gonna be? i.e. lets say in 6months it has the 
features I want how much will it cost me here?

I wait with interest.