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Re: Looperlative Too Expensive?

its about time. i was wondering when someone would point to the fact that comparing the MRSP of the LP1 to the street price of the laptop configuration is quite ignorant.
bob. im a believer.
im not the normal looping guy so i may be looked down upon.
i have a full band but also do solo gigs.
i use my EDP to RECREATE my band. ie. i dont use it as an instrument. just a looper-recorder.
i do 50/50 originals/covers.

having 8 separate tracks is awesome. and STEREO!!??? man. if this thing works like u say it does, im getting one.

on another note, i REALLY want to also use it in my band but my drummer will have to hear what is being looped, separately. i still have my old Boomerang. it has an aux out for just whats recorded on it, not whats going Thru it. perfect. i send that aux out to my drummer and voila. whenever i record, say, a rhythm guitar chord progression, he instantly hears it twice as loud onstage in his monitor only. this way the mix of the progression front of house is well balanced while i solo over it and he can still keep in time to it while he pounds his drums still hearing it clearly.
will the LP1 give me this separate out?

another thing is, i would like to have it slaved TO my drummer. do u know or can u build a trigger to midiclock converter that the LP1 can slave to?

1 more thing, is it as good at speed variations without artifacts as Ableton Live 5 is?

PS: actually on 2nd reading above, i hook up my EDP's from the sub outs on my board. so whatever track is assigned to, say, sub 3/4, will get looped. when i dont want something i simply un-assign it via the sub 3/4 button. this way, i get THE EXACT MIX being looped. the audience hears no difference. even my reverb returns are assigned to sub 3/4. well, in this configuration, i could send the EDP track to any monitor at any vol. so forgive me for my redundant request.
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On Jan 27, 2006, at 10:43 AM, Bob Amstadt wrote:

Just for the record, the MSRP for the Looperlative LP1 is US$1499.  The actual street price will be lower.  There is a batch of 25 units that will be available in 4 to 8 weeks and the direct price on those units is US$1199 + tax + shipping.  Any updates to pricing will appear on the Looperlative web page or forum.  I won't normally advertise prices on this list.  I just wanted to make sure that the information presented here was accurate.

Bob Amstadt