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RE: Looperlative Too Expensive?

Really?  I've sent emails to many software developers
and never ever had the bugs addressed.  What software
are you using?  Maybe small things like Augustusloop
are great in this way, but most commercially made
software has huge customer support problems.

--- jeff larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> wrote:

> From: mark sottilaro
> [mailto:zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com] 
> > Very good point Per.  When was the last time you
> > bought a laptop or software and had the developer
> > respond personally to a question posted to a list?
> > NEVER.  That is surely worth something.
> Are you serious?  You apparently don't have much
> experience with
> looping software.  Most of the software I'm familiar
> with for
> both Mac and PC are maintained by responsive
> developers.
> Jeff

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