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Re: Looperlative Too Expensive?

Jeff wrote Mobius.  I wrote SooperLooper.  I haven't seen too many big
commercial software looping apps.  They seem to be written mostly by
us responsive small-time folks.  And considering most of us don't make
much/any money off it, I find that a pretty impressive feat.


On 1/27/06, mark sottilaro <zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Really?  I've sent emails to many software developers
> and never ever had the bugs addressed.  What software
> are you using?  Maybe small things like Augustusloop
> are great in this way, but most commercially made
> software has huge customer support problems.
> --- jeff larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> wrote:

> > > NEVER.  That is surely worth something.
> >
> > Are you serious?  You apparently don't have much
> > experience with
> > looping software.  Most of the software I'm familiar
> > with for
> > both Mac and PC are maintained by responsive
> > developers.