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RE: BOSE PAS Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com 060127

Ok, If I might chime in.  You stated as draw backs, The PAS system's field
of dispersion. The type of auditorium you are describing would have
benefited from the larger pro-line of linear array technology, and perhaps 
more forward, and center placement of the columns. The PAS (Personnel
Amplification System) is really designed for more of a small to medium size
club performance application. The auditorium you described sounds like it
was a bit beyond what the PAS is designed to accommodate. However, You 
have given the house guys a DI and used the PAS as your own personal
monitoring system with the house providing the Filla for your Killa. The
unit has four inputs, the first two of which have the mic preamps and
eq/presets for different mic and modeler types (a list they are continuing
to build on) that. If you are giving the PAS a submix from your own mixer,
it is imperative to use the two line in channels. I was having fits with a
persistent distortion that I couldn't get rid off, and because I have been
borrowing this system and didn't have a manual, I was running my mackie
board into the channels one and two ( the ones with the cool microphone and
modeler presets) and low and behold, the result was cascading preamps, and
distortion. Plugging in to the appropriate line in channels 3 and 4 
in splendid sound, fully restored. Over New Year's I used it with the soul
band I gig with regularly in a room that was L shaped and about 110 feet
long 80 feet wide, and I walked around on a wireless guitar transmitter,
while we were playing  to see how the vocals were projecting in the corners
of the room, and only when I got out of sight line did the sound taper off,
as did all the other instruments with the exception of the bass, for 

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I used two of these systems this past summer in a smallish coffee
house space, routing my "left" channel to one unit and the "right"
channel to the other. They were the tower with the bass subwoofer

In the right space, these units are ... astounding.

Which is to say, they are not the ONLY solution you'll ever need. They
have some drawbacks that simpy cannot be overcome, due to sheer

The sound comes off these things in an amazingly flat and "linear"
manner and out past about 75'-100', it drops of VERY QUICKLY. Inside
that zone, it's all around you. If you are playing in a steeply
pitched auditorium-type space, that flat field of soundbecomes a
serious drawback. The A/V guys who let me use these units were setting
up an event on campus recently, in one of the older performance
auditoriums and had to give up on using the PAS. It just wouldn't push
the sound up to the second balcony fromthe stage that was a good 40'
below balcony level, so they had to bring in the conventional
speakers. Straight line out...just no easy way to push the sound "up"
to there.

Their sound is really sweet and, as I said, in the right spaces they
are absolutely dynamite. In a perfect world I'd have a set of these to
go with the arena system.

On 1/27/06, Ron Baggerman <rbaggerman@yahoo.com> wrote:
> some love , some hate it. some find it cold, i think you gotta get use to
> it.
>  i use 1 woofer with it now, but if you need more bass/balls , you can 
> more.
>  did you check the comments on the bose site?
>  go to http://www.bose.com en check 'musicians' and check the forum
>  Yes, you can still use the ins and outs of a mixer.  There's also a 4
> channel mixer inside with adaptations for any instrument or mikes.
>  Here in Holland it costs almost 3000 euro (with VAT)  but I think in the
> States it's around 2000 dollar?  I'm not sure, you have to check.
>  good luck,
>  ron
> Luis Angulo <labalou2000@yahoo.com> wrote:
>  Hi Ron,
> sounds like a dream come true! does it have enough
> balls bass and all ofr a whole band? can u still use
> it with the outs of a mixer?
> what did it cost u?
> thanx
> Luis
> --- Ron Baggerman wrote:
> > Hi Luis,
> >
> > Since 2 years I'm using this system and I think
> > it's great.
> >
> > No problem with monitors, everybody on stage and
> > in the room can hear you.
> >
> > Volume is evenly spread. No problems anymore with
> > soundmen from hell who give you a bad monitor or bad
> > room sound.
> >
> > Easy to transport!
> >
> > I use it with either solo or in a group with
> > Chapman Stick,Electronic
> > drums,Vocals,Keys,Basguitar,Guitar,etc.
> >
> > To be recommended,
> >
> > Ron
> > http://www.galaxygypsy.nl
> >
> >
> > Luis Angulo wrote: Hi
> > Gangsters,
> > dont know if this has been brought up but since we
> > are
> > always bring up the subject of too much carrying
> > gear,bad monitor mix,back pain issues and other
> > musicians illnesses i just came across this PA
> > system
> > which would be quite suitable for solo artists like
> > a
> > lot of us loopers, but it sounds too good to be
> > true!is anybody playing through one of these or had
> > a
> > chance to audition one in a live band situation?
> > please watch every video anyway, they are very
> > interesting and informative whether this system is
> > good or not!
> > cheers
> > Luis
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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