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RE: Looperlative on the WEB

That is one fk-all great picture, Rick! Congrats!

Best wishes,
Warren Sirota

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> From: loop.pool [mailto:looppool@cruzio.com] 
> Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2006 12:43 AM
> To: LOOPERS DELIGHT (posting)
> Subject: Looperlative on the WEB
> David Battino, who writes a column for the excellent
> O'Reilly Digital Media website just wrote me and told me that
> a picture of yours truly demoing the Looperlative at NAMM is
> on the front page of that website.   I was really pleased to see that.
> http://digitalmedia.oreilly.com/
> David wrote that column about the potential problems with loop based
> composition that got a lot of press here at L.D.     I wrote 
> a long letter 
> to that
> site taking him to task for that article (in a polite and 
> respectful way, of 
> course)
> and he wrote me back and really heard the points I had raised 
> which really 
> impressed
> me as I had been critical of his original article.   Now I 
> realize he was 
> really talking more
> about the compositional Ableton's Live/Acid/Garage Band world 
> than the live 
> looping
> world and I have to concur, frankly, with some of his 
> conclusions about the 
> aforementioned world.
> I have corresponded with him a lot off site and finally met 
> him at NAMM in 
> person
> and found him to be a very intelligent and sensitive 
> writer/observer of the digital music scene,  so I"m thrilled 
> we made it onto that site.
> You have to click through on that article to get to the small 
> blurb about 
> the Looperlative.
> At least it is legitimizing for the Looperlative to be 
> included in with all 
> the huge companies
> who showed at NAMM.
>   Congratulations, Bob!!!