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RE: Looperlative - Max Time?

Weasel wrote:
"Coming from the Repeater world and being used to storing many loops onto
various CF cards (I have over 512mb of memory in total),
This comes in very handy when I play a gig for instance, or when I tour
without having a computer around to transfer the newly created loops.
Memory can fill up very fast when you base your whole gig on looping with a
few tracks (which then you don't want to delete until you're back to a
computer for transfer)."

Oh geeeshhhhh,    Of course,  I wasn't even thinking about that function 
all, weasel.
Sorry for my peevishness.

My bad...........apologies.    Rick

Also, remember that there is the option of offloading or uploading samples 
the ethernet port on the back and I do know that Bob has talked seriously 
coming up with a harddrive ethernet solution for this very same thing.