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Re: Looperlative - Max Time?

And imagine having a server up in the ether just for your loops or for
trading them.  A dot.mac just for us loopfolks.


On 1/28/06 3:57 PM, "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> Weasel wrote:
> "Coming from the Repeater world and being used to storing many loops onto
> various CF cards (I have over 512mb of memory in total),
> This comes in very handy when I play a gig for instance, or when I tour
> without having a computer around to transfer the newly created loops.
> Memory can fill up very fast when you base your whole gig on looping 
>with a
> few tracks (which then you don't want to delete until you're back to a
> computer for transfer)."
> Oh geeeshhhhh,    Of course,  I wasn't even thinking about that function 
> all, weasel.
> Sorry for my peevishness.
> My bad...........apologies.    Rick
> Also, remember that there is the option of offloading or uploading 
> via
> the ethernet port on the back and I do know that Bob has talked seriously
> about
> coming up with a harddrive ethernet solution for this very same thing.

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