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Re: Looperlative Too Expensive?

Tom Ritchford wrote:
>>If I was Bob, at this price point I would be worried about a pirate
>>like Behringer moving in.
> the advantage to a heavily-software item like the looperlative is that
> Behringer would have to copy the software.  That would be hard to do
> without making it provably a copyright violation (rather than just a
> clone...)

If Behringer really would want to build a clone (I doubt it), then they 
would just hire Bob and would take the stress from producing it himself 
away, it could free him to concentrate on the developement... ;-)

Of course this would only happen if the looperlative is really 
successful. And Bob would only do it, if he'd be free to develop what he 
  thinks is relevant. At that point I doubt even more that Behringer 
would ever consider to build a real instrument. The only thing they are 
good at is mass market gear.

Of course this would only happen if looping becomes as successful as 
violent Rap music.

This twofold need for success would make me think it would be great if 
Behringer starts do become interested, for Bob and all the looping 
stars. (Wouldn't that be a nice title for a piece? we could start a 
competition for the best "Looping Stars" piece...;-)



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