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Re: looking for bell samples

Michael Peters wrote:
> I'm looking for good quality samples of meditation bells. 
> Oh yes, and I wonder if there are sample CDs of gamelan orchestras. I'm 
> there must be something somewhere.

A friend of mine (Lars Stroschen) put out a sample library of his
gamelan instruments a very long time ago. That time I was preparing a
Samplecell version, but finally only the S-1000 version for the ancient
Akai samplers had been released. You might find it under the brand
"Propeller Island". (He is also running a fancy art hotel in Berlin, if
you get googled to that its the same Person). His music is worth to
check out as well...

And regarding meditation bells, I recorded my whole collection of
Tibetan bowls, but its not readily prepared. (I still prefer to play
them live into my Ondes Memorielles, its just no comparison at all...)



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