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EDP display saying: "d"

Hiya all

Have been using my Echoplex (Oberheim, blonde) for almost ten years.  
Yesterday - soundchecking for a gig - I was wiggling the power chord  
behind the unit just a little, near the AC adaptor socket, and all at  
once the lights on my EDP went out except for the display saying "d".

Any ideas what that could mean? - "d" is not for "dying", I hope...

Same thing happened as I was trying a second an a third time, but it  
came back to life every time i switched the power off and on again.

I actually dropped the unit in question on my US tour three months  
ago and although it was safe in one of those SKB plastic rack cases,  
I am not sure if "d" could be for "damage" either!?

Anyway: Kim, Matthias and whoever else might have been involved in  
developing and/or knowing this wonderful instrument: Thanks in  
advance for your help!

Many regards