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Re: Hullo peeps!

Nice work, Stuart.  Thanks.  My fav is the Irish jig under the Seine 
circa 2000.  Sounds like you have credible skills with multiple 
including the violin and flute, which are great ingredients for looping 
effects.  Please post some of your current work when time permits.  - CW

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From: "Stuart Wyatt" <loopersdelight@swyatt.com>
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Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2006 6:16 AM
Subject: Hullo peeps!

> I'm now back online with http://swyatt.com with my full looping archive
> available at http://swyatt.com/music.php - feel free to 
> download/share/burn
> anything that takes your fancy. I sadly lost my old site solostring.com a
> while back (to a spammy search engine company) - any links from your
> personal sites would really help me get back up the google rankings 
> I
> would link back to your site from mine)....
> Anyway guys... I'm back, active and just as opiniated and argumentative 
> before :)
> Its good to be back...
> - Stuart Wyatt