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In Ear Monitor recommendations?

I've now officially had it with the unwanted feedback
inherent in looping with a microphone. I use a
hyper-cardiod mic (AKG C1000s), I use feedback suppression
(Beringer Shark DSP 110), I've turned the monitor volume
down, I've turned the overall volume down, but certain
venues just seem incurably feedback prone.  The only way I
know not to get feedback is to work without a monitor,
which has other obvious complications.

So I'm finally buying an in-ear monitoring system.  Now
it's just a matter of which one.  The last relevant
discussion I could find in the archives was from 2000, and
I'm guessing the market may have changed a bit since then.
I'm probably looking at either the Shure PSM200 or the
Sennheiser EW300. It doesn't have to be wireless, but I
figure if I'm already going down that road I might as well
go all the way. Does anyone have experience with these or
other systems less than $1000?  Thanks!

Sam Rogers
One Mouth Band

Website: www.OneMouthBand.com 
New CD: www.OrganicHumanMusic.com
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