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Re: Recording looping (was: Looperlative - Max Time?)

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From: "Per Boysen" <per@boysen.se>
> It's easiest in Mobius standalone version where you simply press a  
> recording" button and start making noise. This will give you  one stereo 
> file.

The problem is that you can't correct a mistake in this case.
I'm just a beginner that don't know the scales very well ;-)

> A more experimental recording concept is to only record your source  
> input and the MIDI controller data. This will let you  "reconstruct" the 
> looping performance aftwerwards.
 I also use a lot the "save all layers" in mobius. This way every pass is 
getting recorded and I can also reconstruct the song afterwards, 
the mistakes ;-)
The thing is that you need more memory to work this way.



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