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Re: Recording looping (was: Looperlative - Max Time?)

On 30 jan 2006, at 11.56, Ben wrote:

> I also use a lot the "save all layers" in mobius. This way every  
> pass is getting recorded and I can also reconstruct the song  
> afterwards, discarding the mistakes ;-)
> The thing is that you need more memory to work this way.

Good point! I haven't thought of that. That's a good tip for  
"reconstrictive recording". Makes me think about a "pre-constructive"  
recording method I recently tried; using no looper at all but simply  
playing with an instrument into any recorder whatever you imagine  
would work good if played back simultaneously as loops instead of in  
the linear way you record it. Afterward you can go back and cut up  
the recording into "loops" that you put on parallel tracks for  
simultaneous playback (like a real-time looping device).

It may be OT here but that's actually a musical mind training method  
that I have found very rewarding. Try to keep as much of the musical  
structuring "unplayed" in your short time memory and let those  
underlying structures influence your actually playing. What you may  
stuff away into your memory (instead of explicitly playing it) may be  
chord vamps, counter melodies or grooves. Any listener will "hear"  
them anyway, although maybe differently according to their own  
references. By practicing that way you can learn to play lines that  
"imply more than is physically heard". I find that tremendously  

Greetings from Sweden

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