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Re: Hullo peeps!

  Welcome back Stu!

  Andy in  Paris

On Sun, 29 Jan 2006, Stuart Wyatt wrote:

> Hi all!
> I've finally had ADSL installed, and have as from today re-subbed. Its 
> a while! Sorry for my absence (I had my reasons)
> During my time away from the looping community, there has been a lot of
> progress in the direction of software live looping - which makes me very
> happy! It allows for people like myself (with very little money) to 
> virtual studios with multiple EDP-like boxes, all synchronised - without
> having to pay 600+ for separate units. Finally, live looping is 
> to the masses!
> I've just set up SooperLooper on my old ibook, and am having great fun 
> it! Pretty soon, I'll have my ultimate live looping environment setup:
> Electric violins, Mandola, flutes, keyboard(s) and acoustic percussion, 
> going into a mini mixer, and then through to SooperLooper... Its going 
>to be
> fun!
> I'm now back online with http://swyatt.com with my full looping archive
> available at http://swyatt.com/music.php - feel free to 
> anything that takes your fancy. I sadly lost my old site solostring.com a
> while back (to a spammy search engine company) - any links from your
> personal sites would really help me get back up the google rankings 
>(plus I
> would link back to your site from mine)....
> Anyway guys... I'm back, active and just as opiniated and argumentative 
> before :)
> Its good to be back...
> - Stuart Wyatt