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Re: Looperlative core

Yes, interesting project!

I ask these questions in order to understand:

1. How much memory will be needed for the OS and SooperLooper?  Any 
off-the-shelf daughter boards that could be used easily?

2. USB port for I/O or for memory (thumb drive)?  Maybe two ports?

3.  I think definitely split the UI from the engine and then use MIDI 
from the peripheral for the UI?   Users understand MIDI so then you 
can put off having to write too much UI code and then having to port 
the UI code to different hardware, not mention not having to design 
the peripheral.  Let users decide how they want to interface with the 
OpenLooper (with the appropriate documentation).  This way drummers 
can easily use it, keyboard players or folks with their own custom 
MIDI devices.

4. If do #3 then trigger-to-MIDI converters are widespread; are MIDI 
to USB converters cheap?

The business model for OpenLooper would depend on which license is 
used for the hardware, software and OS.   LPL, BSD?  In the worst 
case someone could still make a living putting together packages of 
hardware and software together with maintenance. Some folks will want 
to build, but most will want to buy

The really nice thing about an OpenLooper project is that it gives 
loopers a chance to prototype new interfaces for looping and new 
kinds of looping.

This is really exciting!


At 10:55 AM 1/30/2006, you wrote:

>From: "AKA" <nospam@akroeger.com>
>Sure entirely feasable here is a possible scenario for an open source 
>system http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=
>Maybe use a modified version of SooperLooper you might have to
>separate/remove the current UI code and add some hardware UI code.
>So, lets see here are some boards that with some work might be able to
>produce the desired results
>One could start out fresh and use libsndfile to build individual loop
>functions being this is all based on Open Source/Hardware I suppose you
>would have to sell it for labor fees being most of the above is GPLed.
>Fun Stuff
>Hmm Open Looper....?
>From: Emmanuel PERILLE [mailto:perille@club-internet.fr]
>128Mbyte RAM + USB port => Analog Device BLACKFIN DSP core ?
>if so, firmware "develooped" in C  I suppose ... always so fast to start
>such a project ...