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Re: Digital Recorders Was: Alesis Masterlink on Sales via eBay

Not to my experience the Marantz CDR300 is really well
made and never had one problem with it,but is time for
a laptop for me

> Yikes!  Don't buy anything with the Marantz name on
> it!  They have 
> _terrible_ quality control problems!  Your mileage
> may vary, but 
> everyone I know who's bought Marantz stuff has had
> problems with it.
> For info on other solid-state recorders check out
> links to these blogs:
> NAMM: Edirol's R-09 -- SD-based, Portable USB
> Recorder
> Which Portable Recorder to Buy?
> On-the-move recording: Some cheap/ugly alternatives?
> These being blogs, you need to follow all the links
> and read all the 
> comments but you knew that, didn't you? ;-)
> Cheers,
> Kevin
> www.TheNettles.com


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