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Re: Myspace.com

Nice myspace site, Michael.  Rain of Grains is my hands down favorite of 
featured tunes.  I also like the pic of yourself speaking from behind a 
desk, dispensing wisdom to the masses I imagine, very clever.  When my son 
John started up his myspace site a year ago, I thought it was a flaky 
substitute for a real website with his own domain name.  Myspace was 
obviously inhabited by teenagers looking for a free public outlet for 
fantasies.  In a year's time its grown immensely, 50 million young people 
still looking for social interaction, but its also become de rigueur for 
established musicians, or at least those hip enough to recognize a viable 
public forum for their music.  I'm amazed at how many professional 
of the older generation don't have any dedicated web presence at all. - CW

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From: "Michael Peters" <mp@mpeters.de>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 4:16 AM
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I've set up a simple Myspace page yesterday:


If you're on myspace also, please let's be friends!  :-)  if not, please
visit the page anyway!

The four tracks on my page are:

1. an excerpt of the ambient 1-hour-piece "Stretched Landscape #1" that 
people might have heard on SomaFM Drone Zone

2. my granular synthesis remix of Centrozoon's 'Ten Versions of America'
(Bernhard Wöstheinrich: electronic percussion, Markus Reuter: touch guitar,
Tim Bowness: vocals)

3. the very etherial ambient 'Dawn of Life' from my 1998 'Escape Veloopity'
album - all sounds produced on sustainer guitar, EDP, and Paradis Loop 

4. my granular synthesis remix of Christopher Orczy's ambient harmonium

Of course I'd be delighted to get some feedback!