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Re: Looking for a small rack preamp (Roland Gp100?)

ADA MP1 Classic * - 
ADA MP2 - http://www.adadepot.com/adagear/gearpages/preamps/ADA-MP-2.htm
Marshall JMP1 - http://www.marshallamps.com/product.asp?productCode=JMP-1
Engl E530* - http://www.englampsusa.com/product.asp?E530 (German made 
preamp....great product, as is expected from the Germans!)
Peavey Rockmaster - Can't find a URL
Rocktron VooDu Valve - 
Rocktron Chameleon 2000 - 
Mesa Boogie TriAxis - 
(apparently the crown jewel of guitar preamps, but pricey!)
Tech21 SansAmp PSA1 - 
(I've always wanted to hear one of these)
Roland GP-100 - http://greenoak.com/gp100/gp100.html

I believe all of these are either MIDI programmable or have multi channels 
for clean, crunch, etc. I've used the ones with the asterices next to them.


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Subject: Looking for a small rack preamp (Roland Gp100?)

> Hi,
> since there was a topic on a power amp, I thought one about preamps 
> be wrong :)
> I'm looking for a rackpreamp for guitar purposes, preferably one rack 
> high. What is important for me is that it has at least one channel that 
> stays absolutely clean, no crunch. If it has an added overdrive channel, 
> that would ne nice but not a must-have, since I can also add distortion 
> with my Big Muff.
> The only thing I know so far is the Roland GP-100 which seems to feature 
> very nice clean sounds with it's Roland JC120 simulation and some added 
> effects.
> Any other idas?
> Thanks, Janosch