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semi OT: rack preamps, layperson feedback on music, zoom g2: 3rd impression

for a rack preamp i use:
peavey tj raxx-one space rack unit w/ 2 tubes. i think its from the early 90's, but i love the sound, all knobs, no menus. i have it out currently, b/c i want to get new tubes put in & other things keep popping up beforehand....
funny thing happened when i was getting bids for new kitchen/bath floor and had music on in the background:
1. had a cd of andre's music from his website playing (material that led up to 'normalized' i think)-older lady who was giving me a bid said: "sounds like something is wrong w/ your music, sounds like a broken record."
2. younger guy measuring and all, asked what i had on b/c he said it sounded real good. i was playing roy buchanan's 20century masters greatest hits cd.
3. once when i was playing some of d. torn's splattercell and my brother heard it, he said it sounded like noise. (should note that when he's heard some of my music when i'm listening back, he says it sounds like atonal noise). also note: splattercell  used to put my oldest to sleep when he was 1ish for naps.
4.a friend awhile back saw my video program on local public access tv and he said he watched it (me looping w/ my guitar), he said he understood i was using samplers and stuff (i'm pushing a lot of buttons trying to make something interesting), and he said he wishes i would have talked more and explained what i was doing more....
zoom g2-after my lukewarm 2nd impression and a few days away from it, i put it back in my chain, and am more happy w/ it, i've made a commitment to myself this year to stop whining about my gear (after my recent ebay encounter). its a very usable inexpensive tool. and i've been having fun using it to process samples using a cd of another local "beats-driven music guy". kind of fun. also have enjoyed using 5 sec delay w/ clean sounds for texture stuff.....

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