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Re: Half Space Guitar Power Amps?

I can't resist, Max. So, you think the Mama Bear unit is juuuuust right? 
(not too cold or hot...Not too hard or soft)


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Subject: Re: Half Space Guitar Power Amps?

> They are nice, Kris....
> At Y2K5 I was running my basses into a D-TAR Mama Bear digital acoustic 
> guitar preamp which I had mounted on a mic stand for easy access.  The 
> Mama Bear is designed for acoustic gtrs with various type of "acoustic" 
> pickups (piezos of either ribbon type or coaxial or cermamic, elec 
> type piezos or sound-hole magnetics).  What it does is compnesates for 
> phase stability of these PUs, thus removing the "pickup" sound from the 
> signal (rendereing a more acoustic tone), and then allows you to choose 
> from 16 "target source" models (from parlor gtrs, various dreads and OM 
> size Martin, Traugott, Taylors, Gibsons...even an '24 L5, Macaferri or 
> National steels...).  The modeling function actually adds the body 
> resonance characteristics of these gtrs. Rather than making your guitar 
> sound like a Martin D18, it adds some of the mic'd-acoustic 
> characteristics of that gtr to your own sound.  Of all the modelers I 
> tried, it is the one I really like...and even tho it is designed for 
> acoustic gtrs, I find it works wonderfully with my acoustic electric 
> basses.  I was using the MamaBear to tweak the tone of my basses subtly; 
> moving to diffrent target models as I looped bits.
> (FWIW...I run the MamaBear in another DTAR preamp ( the Solstice; a four 
> input mixer blender) and the DTAR Equinox Parametric EQ...all excellent 
> preamps.  I prefer them even to my Demeter Tube bass preamp....
> As to Walter Woods....tho' known for HIGH quality (and high dollar) bass 
> amps,  His amps are also used quite a bit by Jazz guitarists (much as 
> Acoustic Image amps are).  They offer "audio-phile" quality (both WW and 
> AI) sound and massive amounts of headroom (my DTAR/AI set is really a 
> compact but high powered PA).  Woods amps will run you a couple of 
> grand..they sometimes show up used on Ebay for not much less than new 
> cost (they hold their value nicely).  He has no website...just a phone # 
> and answering machine.  He bulids the amps himself (one at a time, so I 
> have heard..) and builds his own transformers and other components!  In 
> addition to the price, the bad news is there is a long waiting list (2 
> years) for these.
> Max
>>Pricey, but they look premo. Max, at Y2K5, what were those things you 
>>mounted on stands that you were tweaking?
>>On the topic of botique preamps/poweramps, in the jazz world a lot of 
>>guitarists swear by the hand made Walter Woods products...but they are 
>>also pricey and their is a HUGE waiting line to get one. The last I 
>>he hand built them to order and you order directly from  him, but the 
>>and guitar amps are apparently out of this world and unbelievably clean. 
>>It's sort of like the amp version of what Bob is doing with the 
>>Looperlative. Although I think Walter is more known for his bass amps. I 
>>don't think he even has a website, just a phone number.