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Re: Roland VG8

Hi there,

mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:

 [ snippety ]

>There is a little bit of delay on the VG8 when you are using the pitch 
>shifter. Because a pitch shifter works by recording sound into memory 
>and then playing it out at a different speed, the playback pointer has to
>be a little bit behind the record pointer to keep it from catching
>up. This delay is noticeable, but is not nearly as bad as that on a guitar
>synth like my GR-50.

You're absolutely right. There is a delay, imposed by the pitch shifter 
rather than any tracking mechanism. It's nowhere near as bad as some rack 
gear pitch shift settings though (the Lexicon MPX-100 & Sony HR-MP5 being 
cases in point - even the cheapo Zoom 1201 does a better job than either 
of those).

The other thing to watch with the pitch shifting is that ISTR a discussion 
on vg-8.com of the presence of artifacts of the original sound along with 
the shifted sound, even if the balance was set to 100% shifted. I've never 
really noticed this myself, but I don't play altered tunings too much 
(although I have the obligatory Fripp NST Les Paul & acoustic patches set 
up :) If altered tunings are your bag, you may want to check this 
thoroughly with a set of headphones though. And obviously if you start 
with  your GK attached to an acoustic, altered tuning patches on the VG8 
may lead to some ... unusual harmonies :)

After all this bashing of the pitch shifter, I have to admit I did 
appreciate the automatic tuning compensation the VG8 can do, though !

- Tony

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