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Re: AW: Roland VG8

umm 2cents worth:
ever since i saw JimStafford(guitarplayer extrordinaire) on the tonite show
in '84-i got the video- "trying" to play the new Roland Guitar Synth w/ 
extra arm(?)never new what that was for-anybody?-he was playin 'beverly
hills cop theme' makin all these pseudo synthee-NON guitar sounds using
envelopes that were totally out of time w/ the music-he was at a loss on 
to control them)-i learned to be apprehensive about synth/guitars.
i have over the years totally turned my back on anything but the most
unaffected of guitar tones-and i sure dont mind players trying to hone
disparate(incongruent qualities) sound-for me that dog dont hunt.
just cause you can integrate ic's or chips or whatever onto a guitar signal
doesnt mean its a good thangg. waggin the dog imho
swimmin against the stream of consciousness

on 2/1/06 3:38 PM, mark sottilaro at zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com wrote:
> --- Tony Douglas <TonyIsYourPal@netscape.net> wrote:
> So I'll
>> look into all sorts of devices, from stomp boxes to
>> rack mounts to guitar synths to the VG8 to marry up
>> playing the instrument I like with the sounds I want
>> to hear. Quite simple, really.
> I think what we're trying to say is that we've found
> the compromises you make with MIDI guitars and synth
> guitars aren't worth it... to us.  I'm not saying the
> "keyboard" is THE electronic instrument interface...
> it just happens to be easily obtainable at an
> inexpensive price.  The thing about MIDI/Synth guitars
> that bothered me the most was when you tried to do
> something like create a drone chord while playing
> notes over it.  Not easily done when those strings
> stop vibrating and you get a really glitchy end of
> notes in your chord.  Also, I wanted it to really
> nicely track things like bends and hammer-ons and I
> seemed to be able to get it right about 50% of the
> time if I played it really cleanly.  Anyway, I could
> go on but the deal is I was never satisfied... but I
> wanted those synth sounds.  (BTW, I'm all for the
> mutilation of a guitar sound to become something
> different, I just don't like traditional Synth/MIDI
> guitar setups.  Truth is I never tried a VG8 but it
> looks cool)

>> Continuing ...
>> ... Consider how many variables a
>> violinist or saxophonist can manipulate at the same
>> time (and in real time) compared to a pianist, for
>> example.)  
> I think that's totally unfair to make these
> comparisons.  First of all, we're not talking about a
> piano.  Second... while I agree that many acoustic
> instruments have a TON of subtile "variables" that can
> be manipulated in real time... a modern synth doesn't?
> I've got a few that are just teaming with knobs
> begging to be twisted... uh with the free hand I have
> because I'm not trying to pluck a string while holding
> it down at a fret.  My novation controller has so many
> knobs and buttons it's sick, plus it has a x/y touch
> pad and aftertouch.  It's keys feel better than any
> cheap m-audio board and it really is an instrument...
> one I wish I was better at, but that's another thread.
> Mark