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Re: Patent law

At 9:57 PM +0000 2/1/06, geoff smith wrote:
>>  Have any of you checked out DJRND3?
>Just tried no price or any details about buying one,
>So they doesn't make me want to follow it further, if a company 
>wants to sell something they need to make it easy to buy.

That was pretty much my experience as well.  I considered the DJRND3 
for a few minutes when I first subscribed to LD a coupla years back. 
I couldn't find any additional information on it other than the fact 
that I guess some of the technology was licensed to the Cycloops.

Then you lot talked me into getting my Repeater, which I haven't 
regretted for a moment since... ;)


"You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike..."